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Welcome to the cutting-edge world of digital dentistry!

In DDS, we understand the importance of staying updated in an ever-evolving industry. It’s mandatory to have Digital Dentistry news.

You will discover a wealth of resources curated by industry experts, including articles, case studies, interviews, and more. Whether you’re interested in learning about the latest technologies, exploring innovative treatment techniques, or staying informed about upcoming events and conferences, our platform is your go-to destination.

The Align™ Oral Health Suite is an intuitive and visually engaging digital interface designed to enhance dental consultations…

Align Technology

Choosing prosthetic rehabilitation over dental implants has revolutionised modern dentistry, providing an effective solution for replacing missing teeth….

Dr. Giuseppe Marano

After a series of prosthetic failures, a 70-year-old woman presented to our dental practice for a comprehensive fixed prosthetic rehabilitation solution….

Dr. Jerome Lipowicz

Your3Dguide™ is a stackable guide to safely perform predictable and stable guided surgery with the AtlaSurgery™ 2 dedicated kit…

Biotech Dental

Btk, who has been working on the iuxta-osseous digital solution for the resolution of atrophic jawbones…


Recently Align Technology announced the new iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner…

Align Technology

In recent years, the spotlight in dental technology has intensively focused on digital dentures, marking a pivotal shift in how dental professionals and companies…


Adequate occlusion is one of the fundamental tasks in dental diagnostics and treatment…


Pulp canal obliteration associated with traumatic injury in anterior teeth can result from accelerated dentin deposition within the root canal space…

Dr. Roberto Aza

When it comes to the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, a subset of AI, can help…

Align Technology

Dear friends and colleagues, starting in January 2024, I will have the honour of representing the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) International as President..

Dr. Francesco Mangano

Introducing our most significant innovation yet—the Midas Digital Press 3D Printer. This groundbreaking device introduces…


Digital transformation and ceramic implants have emerged as key advancements in contemporary dentistry…

Dr. Moritz Xaver Kneer

Powered by the new iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ technology, the iTero Lumina™ scanner quickly, easily, and accurately captures…

Align Technology


Digital Dentistry Society
State of the Art Conference

Florence, Italy
October 18-19th, 2024