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Biotech Dental

July 4, 2024

An innovation born of scientific research


The ATP38® is an innovative, high-tech medical device that uses photobiomodulation to improve your patients’ well-being.

Photobiomodulation (or low light level therapy; LLLT) involves using natural wavelengths to stimulate the cell regeneration process. Discovered by NASA in the early 90s and applied to the treatment of astronauts’ injuries, LLLT benefits from major scientific experience.

Thanks to its stimulating, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties, confirmed over the last three decades by numerous studies, photobiomodulation is now being extended to many medical areas, including dentistry.


ATP38® enables cells to benefit from the energy of light (only visible and invisible light, not harmful ultraviolet light) and act on living organisms without altering them. Painless and non-invasive, its multiple benefits apply to most dental care processes.

Invisible orthodontics:

  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Helps bone healing
  • Reduces the duration of treatment.

Implant surgery:

  • Bone surgery: better bone regeneration
  • After implant placement: improved osseointegration
  • After complicated surgery: analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


  • Accelerates healing and reduces inflammation.

General practice:

  • TMJ pain, oral mucositis, herpes, lichen planus, gingivitis, extraction, oedema, prosthetic injury and more.

The ATP38® is recommended by Dr. Miguel Stanley:

“It is something we simply cannot live without!

There is absolutely no doubt that the ATP38® is an essential technology at the White Clinic. We use it for every surgical case and all post-op wound management , no matter how simple the procedure, and also to accelerate orthodontic movements as well as for facial aesthetics. Our patients love it!

The ATP38® capacity to promote advanced wound healing and reduce pain is unparalleled by any other technology on the market today.”, we have been using it consistently since 2016.

Miguel Stanley
FIG. 3 Dr. Miguel Stanley.
“It is something we simply cannot live without! The ATP38® capacity to promote advanced wound healing and reduce pain is unparalleled.”


Guided by a microprocessor and supplied with software containing various treatment protocols (already installed in the computer supplied with the machine), the ATP38® is a genuine digital innovation that fits in perfectly with the evolution of our professions and plays a full part in the construction of a new connected dentistry.

Integrating this technology into your daily practice will allow you to diversify the care you provide, reduce treatment time, and offer your patients a modern, soothing therapeutic experience.

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