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June 12, 2024

Iuxta-3D: the iuxta-osseous digital implant, the original

Introduction to digital dentures

Btk, who has been working on the iuxta-osseous digital solution for the resolution of atrophic jawbones for many years, has presented significant product developments in this field.

The iuxta-osseous digital implant is made using advanced laser melting technology in titanium, which allows for a strong, smooth, and extremely precise structure. In addition to this process, the implant is then milled near the abutments, allowing for direct screw-retained prosthesis technique.

Btk Iuxta-3D implant applied to inferior dental arch. 3D model
FIG 1 Btk Iuxta-3D implant

“In addition to the unparalleled design service and technical assistance, what makes Btk Iuxta-3D implant unique are the patented components that accompany it.” 

3D Denture Guide’s role in the digital workflow

The fixation guide, for example, represents a valuable tool for the dental surgeon, as it facilitates correct placement and angulation of the cortical screws, especially in the lingual area.
In addition to the fixation guide, Btk has also developed the osteotomy guide, another patented component that further supports the dental surgeon during the procedure. This instrument, thanks to its shape and specific functionality, allows for greater precision in implant placement, making the procedure even safer and more efficient.

Btk Iuxta-3D implant for the resolution of atrophic jawbones
FIG 2 Btk Iuxta-3D implant

The use of Btk’s iuxta-osseous digital implant represents a significant breakthrough in the field of dental implantology, as it offers a personalized solution for patients affected by severe atrophy of the upper and
lower jawbones. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, supported by patented components, this implant allows for long-lasting and satisfying results, improving the quality of life for patients affected by these pathologies.

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