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Biotech Dental

June 13, 2024

YOUR3DGUIDE™ by Biotech Dental: Stable guided surgery and prosthetic restoration in the same session

Your3Dguide™ is a stackable guide designed by Biotech Dental to safely perform predictable and stable guided surgery with the AtlaSurgery™ 2 dedicated kit. Its metal base is easy to position in the mouth. Its inter-level screw fixation ensures great stability. Connecting the guide’s different levels helps you to perform an immediate loading surgery, as well as the temporary prosthesis placement in a single session.

Especially indicated for one-time surgery, the stackable guide enables:

  • The placement of a reliable and stable metal base, including a bone resection guide if necessary
  • A stable and accurate placement of the drilling guide and implants placement following potential extractions
  • A full guided surgery for all theBiotech Dental Kontact™ implants
  • Guided placement of the immediate temporary denture on conical abutments

An online ordering platform is dedicated to guided surgery and protocols for implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of total arches:

Once the practitioner has shared all the necessary information (patients’ details, CBCT, impressions, occlusion, pictures, face scan, shading), our team will use the power of the NEMOStudio software suite (NEMOTEC by Biotech Dental) to plan the prosthetic and implant projects and send online viewers (NEMOWeb) in order to make the necessary adjustments and obtain planning approvals.
The stackable guide will be then designed, created in our manufacture and sent to our customer’s practice within a few days.

SIMPLIFIED SURGICAL STEPS: 3 major stages, represented by 3 levels of stackable guide, all fixed to the titanium base

Placement Guide: This resin guide is screwed to the titanium base. It is shaped like a splint to lean on the teeth (of the arch to be implanted or the antagonist arch), its role is to ensure ideal positioning of the metal base.

Resin guide is screwed to the titanium base. YOUR3DGUIDE™ by Biotech Dental: Stable guided surgery and prosthetic restoration in the same session
FIG 1 Placement Guide

Drilling Guide and implant placement: It contains the sleeves for the various instruments in the AtlaSurgery2™ kit. The detailed drilling protocol is specific to each implant and supplied with the guide.
After drilling, implants are placed in their planned position.
The planned conical abutments are then placed on these implants.

Drilling Guide and implant placement during the treatment with YOUR3DGUIDE™ by Biotech Dental. Stable guided surgery and prosthetic restoration in the same session
FIG 2 Drilling Guide and implant placement

Temporary prosthesis: Made from multilayer PMMA resin screwed onto the metal base. It is therefore placed exactly as planned, in occlusion, according to the selected gingival compression level.
The temporary prosthesis is then bonded to titanium sleeves using resin, and the temporary prosthesis and titanium base can be unscrewed from the maxillary and removed.


Biotech Dental, Europe’s first dentistry company, is a French designer and manufacturer of medical devices and digital solutions for dentists, orthodontists and dental laboratories. Our main mission is to provide dental professionals with innovative technologies to deliver excellent care. Our aim, by supporting practitioners, is to transform their patients’ smiles. Helping people in (re)discovering their smile through effective, lasting and aesthetic solutions, is also about creating a world of smiles.

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